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Pagan men speak out on patriarchy and misogyny


Men live in a world of incredible privilege.  Unfortunately, we’re like the prisoners in Plato’s cave, often unable to see a world any different from our own.  Women may bare their souls trying to show us the advantages we enjoy as men, but – never having seen the world any differently – some men find it impossible to imagine life from a woman’s point of view.

The shootings at UC Santa Barbara picked the scab off this societal wound.  Suddenly, deep and festering examples of everything from slight male privilege to disgusting and cancerous misogyny were exposed.  “Men’s rights” groups, unable to see that they already enjoy easy access to “rights,” have turned to social media to defend themselves.

The hashtag #notallmen screamed that “not all men” were sexists or rapists and demanded recognition.  Women countered with a trend that had already been around, #yesallwomen, detailing the experiences of fear…

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#YesAllWomen and the Continuum of Aggression

This may be the consummate piece I’ve read on the topic thus far.

The Weekly Sift

Men look at Elliot Rodger and say, “I would never do something like that.” Women look at his victims and say, “That could totally happen to me.”

Last week the Isla Vista murders — and Elliot Rodger’s bizarre rants justifying his revenge on the female gender because women wouldn’t have sex with him — were recent enough that I hadn’t processed them. I described my snap reaction as feeling “slimed”. Letting Rodger’s thoughts into my head just made me feel dirty, polluted, unclean. And I wrote, “I can’t imagine how women feel about it.”

This week women told the world how they feel about it. (They were already starting to tell the world last Monday, but I hadn’t discovered it yet.) I have read only a tiny fraction of what has been tweeted with the #YesAllWomen hashtag, but it has been eye-opening.

The struggle for meaning. Every striking news…

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LILITH (a story of reclaiming)

The Lady watched, looking through the eyes of myriad of Women, children, young girls, mothers, daughters, wives, lovers… All of the Women in the World. And She saw that, in many places, the Men had forgotten that Women were to walk by their side as equals, and regarded Women as possessions.

“This must not be,” she said. “What shall I do to teach them?” She thought, and remembered that the Fool would teach Men and Women, in His own way, and that Way might work for Her, too. She turned, and was the Maiden, and was in the World.

A Man saw Her beauty, and seeing not Her Divinity, caught and raped Her. Another took Her, and put Her in chains, and set Her to serving him. In the midst of night, a band of men broke into the house, killing the slave-maker, and took Her away. They forced Her to serve as a prostitute, and took the money she was paid for themselves.

On and on it went, the humiliation and degradation piled higher, until, on a still dark night She spoke, and said quietly, “Enough!” And in the quiet coldness of the Word, it was enough to freeze the Moon in its path, and the singing insects of the night stilled their song. And the Maiden turned, and became Lilith.

She embodied the pleasures of the flesh, of the animal wildness of the wilderness; the lust of the bitch-in-heat and the fierceness of a mother defending her young was Hers, and Her eyes were mad. And She enslaved the men in Her turn, enslaving them to Lust and Passion, making them mad to possess Her, She that cannot be possessed, and fettering them in silken chains of desire.

She showed the women Herself, and taught them Freedom, and Wildness, and all the secret places where She lives, and the Mystery of being Woman. She took the women to the secret places in themselves, and looked back out at them with feral eyes. She ran with the wolves, and howled. She crawled with the serpent, and stalked Her prey with the lioness, and all of this was put into Her Dance.

“Know that you are free,” she cried to the Women, “and let none put chains upon you not of your own making. Live as you will, not as another would force you. You are partners with Man, not his slave, and I am in you forever!” And the Wild was in the Women, singing in their blood, and so long as they remembered, they were free.

This was given to me by a woman calling herself DirtyMother 28 days before I bled as a result of a vision. It has hidden in the Lilith book I’m reading since that time. I grabbed the book today when I went to retreat to green spaces and was struck to find it in the pages; is time for it to be shared.

We are free. All people are free. We cannot buy and sell one another. We cannot project our will upon them. We cannot enforce it through rule of might. It is a spiritual violation.