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Sometimes I feel so much it hurts.
My head or my heart, it grabs onto something.
I become moved, on any level, and it translates directly to a tug on my clit, which feels a bit like my skin is being drawn up from within by a taut clothesline.
The tug makes my cunt come online – suddenly the 2-3″ diameter energy “hole” I experience as hungry cunt is both somehow full and yet needy.
I’m aware of the walls, the cunt and clit seem to be channeling so much potent sensation, that the “hole” begins to be more pole, and my low back gets in on the action
And source point threatens to alight the chain reaction with Kundalini gunpowder
And I reach for my pen
I write it out
Each word like a droplet
Of gold white honey
Now filling in that delicious cauldron
Above my cervix
Between my hips
Getting heavier and more full, somehow drowning and soaring
The cunt and clit, swirling into convex brimming gravity threatening to drown
My breath growing faster
More labored as I just
Focus on that heavy honey
The ink
My words
Adding to my honey pot
Impossibly full
I long not for release
But sustained presence
In this sweet unending


About Magdalena Knight

IT/Telecom Rock Star turned Poly-Tantric Sex Healer, Educator, and Sexual Freedom Activist and Writer View all posts by Magdalena Knight

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