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Primal Legacy

They say that

Abraham’s Father Deity

Spake our world into existence

What’s chronically overlooked is

A polarity-playing pantheon preceded this patriarchy

And the Divine Feminine

She who fills & empties

Above and below

Breasts to womb

Nurses the young and comforts the dying

the Great Goddesses who preside over Life & Death themselves

Have held this legacy

Between our thighs

In our scarlet abdomens & milky mounds

Since before words occurred as expression

When urges and instinct are guttural

Before borders, all shades of human

Naked, red, and stark

Primal birth death come shit push wet expulsions

It all begins in the Feminine

The dark womb cave

The moist fertile soil for a bed

The climactic ejaculation which produces stars and Life and with it

That verdant pungent succulent fluid

Which carries us all

From one space to the next

Wave after wave, unendingly

Anoints us, cleanses and soothes us

Set bodies alight in ecstasy

This sensation

This inner experience

Is necessarily receptive






Got breast cancer on my Mother’s side

I get to parent a Cancer girlchild

Naughty daughter of a Dark Mother

A Mother so purest, so sinless, to have existed before we invented symbols

Not an earthly body

A body of the ether

A Spirit of the abyss

What could be more pure than this?

My Feminine inheritance has been

To parse these gifts with the

Heart of tenderness

This sharp tongue of pith-ness

Is razor blades when hissing

So I’ve had to begin to learn to

Deliver Destiny’s message always with a nod & a glance to

How it must feel to be on the receiving end of what must be the hardest to hear

The Bard’s distant cousin

Is learning with this bun once in my oven

To emote, emit, invite, and permit

The tenderest, sweetest, most cunning lovin’

For Lilith’s dark daughter

Has been reaching for the light

Since waking in this cavern

And being squeezed through the forces of fate

Awash in fetid fluid

Pushing in spite of myself

For what was already awaiting

This fallen woman